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The Month of karthika is quite special for Hindus. The Karthika Month or Karthika Masa starts from the day after Deepavali and lasts for one month. The Last day of Karthika is celebrated as Karthika Pooja. In our home it’s a long tradition. My ancestors say we are siblings of Pandavas of Mahabharatha. Pandavas are devotees of Lord Krishna. So every one in our family also devotees of Lord Krishna. The celebrations, songs, Festival related Lord Krishna are very special to us. How we celebrate it? Every day at evenings women clean in front of house using water and draw rangoli. Then light Deepam at the entrance. The phrases from Bhagavadgeetha will be read every Day evening. This starts from Deepavali and continues till the Last day of Karthika where we celebrate it as Karthika Pooja and  Rituals will be done to Lord Krishna. We also invite guests and distribute prasadam. It started by some of my ancestors as a small tradition and today it has grown really big. The Day of Karthika Pooja is celebrated very grandly with thousands of Deepam are lighted in and out of the house. Lot of people visit and receive prasadam. Here onwards every day I post a collection of all the Rangolis drawn in the month of Karthika. This month 16th is the day of Karthika Pooja.


Karthika_Rangoli_1  Karthika_Rangoli_3 Karthika_Rangoli_4 Karthika_Rangoli_5 Karthika_Rangoli_6 Karthika_Rangoli_7 Karthika_Rangoli_8 Karthika_Rangoli_9 Karthika_Rangoli_10 Karthika_Rangoli_11 Karthika_Rangoli_12


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