Navaratri Dasara Muggulu


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Navarathri and Dasara Festivities are very specials to Hindus and Indians. It’s a series of Festivals celebrated nine days long. So the name Nava (Nine) Rathri (Night).  Last two days are celebrated as Ayudha Pooja (Worship of Arms and tools) and Vijaya Dashami (Celebration of Victory). In Mysore the World Famous Dasara Festival and Ambari (Howdah) Possession will be held this Day. On this auspicious occasion chittara wishes you a very very happy Navarathri Festival with the beautiful Rangoli Designs by Mrs.Nagarathna T S.

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Beautiful Floor Rangavalli Design Inspired by Fruits


Nature is the biggest inspiration for drawing any designs. Taking the bunch of grapes as inspiration this drawing is done. Started with a Flower at the center keep adding the grapes like a bunches around it. Finally we got this. This design can be used for floor designs for large halls, living room etc. This design can also be embedded in sarees as a small designs. If we cut the portion and pick the bottom three bunches it looks great for jewelery.

Free Hand Floral Design Drawing


Free Hand Floral Drawing Design
This drawing is a free hand floral drawing. There is nothing particular in mind regarding the design. Move the pen as your mind says and this design drawn on a paper. You can observe the inspirations from Jewellery design, Mango Design on Sarees, Saree border designs Etc. This drawing is totally inspired by the nature, the flowers, fruits, and plants.
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Blogger Labels: Free,Hand,Floral,Design,Move,paper,Jewellery,Mango,Sarees,Saree,nature,flowers,plants,inspirations

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