Deepavali Rangoli Design


Anybody can draw Rangoli Designs using lot of color powders and make it look beautiful. Off course whatever that is colorful looks beautiful. If you search net you can see majority of the rangoli Designs available is drawn using colors. But Drawing Rangoli without using any color and make it look beautiful is very difficult. That area of creativity is where Mrs. Nagarathna excels. If you observe the Rangoli Designs in this blog, you can observe many Rangavalli Designs are drawn using only chalk piece and no color at all. Still it looks beautiful. All these Kolams are drawn on the Red Colored Floors and clicked using Nokia N73 Mobile Camera.


Rangoli_Rangavalli_Muggu_1 Rangoli_Rangavalli_Muggu_2 

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Dhaval Patel said...

Diwali is a new year for Hindus. I'd like to wish you a happy new year dude. BTW, did you check the collection of this article posted here

Frenie said...

These are really nice rangoli designs patterns, thanks for sharing it to us, really appreciated .


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